SONG OF THE DAY The Marquis – Strange Is Love

R-11124928-1565206151-6822.jpegSuch is the rarity of today’s song that it’s flipside (the A-side) doesn’t even exist anywhere online, nor can I find any information about band behind this little beauty!

This track is just one of those rare gems that glistened in the world for a little while and was then, sadly, never followed by any other releases.  I’d soooo love to hear what the A-side sounds like, so if anyone ever reading this happens to have a copy and would like to share, please get in touch?

Six Gun, b/w Strange Is Love was the one and only 45 released by a band called The Marquis in 1958. Issued on US label, Class Records. Strange Is Love is a sparse and haunted balled that gives me shivers but, I hasten to add, these are the kind of shivers you don’t mind feeling, because these shivers are the result of something quite wonderful. It’s a truly stand-out and stunningly wistful affair that I am very happy to be sharing, as this was shared with me!

I hope you love this as much as me? Listen above.

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