SONG OF THE DAY The Elcados – Chokoi & Oreje 

Whatever the funk do you do with a song as groovy as this! Play it as loud as you can and forget its a foggy Tuesday, I say!!

Starting out as the Moonrakers in Nigeria in 1968, Steve Black, Rocky Mustapha, Tony Nosika and Frank Martins spent nearly a decade gigging their way into the bigger realms of African Funk.

By the time released their 1973 record, This World Is Full Of Injustice, the band had changed its name to The Elcados, and as time went on they began experimenting with a more disco/reggae sound. This isn’t a side to the band that appeals as much though, I definitely prefer their earlier Afrobeat, funk offerings a whole lot more! Which is why today’s song is such a treat! This appeared on that 1973 album and cuts a nifty groove into what is a fine specimen of Nigerian funk! Check it out above.

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