SONG OF THE DAY Les Golden Hands – Fat El Miaâd

Sometimes the sheer volume of music out there waiting to be discovered just blows my mind, especially when I come across little beacons of magic like today’s song!

There is a lot of conflicting information about Les Golden Hands and facts seem scarce. Some sources suggest they formed in 1969 in Casablanca, whilst other’s suggest they were all from Tunisia? One thing I can tell you for sure is that the band consisted of members, Driss Daou-El-Makane, Emjid El Warari and Thami Daou El Makan. Throughout the 1960’s and 1970’s they issued several singles and EP’s, releasing on labels such as Barclay and Pathé.

It has been recorded that they worked with Lester Vigon, who I believe was originally from Morocco but moved to France in the 1960’s.  He produced some of their recordings, but I’m not sure if today’s song was one of them? Fat El Miaâd is the A-side to a 45 the band released in 1969 on the Pathé label. It’s a hypnotic, swirling ball of dreaminess, equipped with heady rhythms and intoxicating melodies…It’s bloody lovely and I won’t include a link to the b-side just yet, as I’ll probably be featuring this little corker soon too!! In the meantime, listen and enjoy today’s sonic treat!

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