SONG OF THE DAY The Deep – Pink Ether

Though today’s band didn’t receive the commercial success that (I think) they rightly deserved following their one and only album in 1968, what they did achieve was recognition for their album name! Psychedelic Moods (A Mind Expanding Phenomena) later gained acclaim for being considered the earliest work to reference “psychedelic” in its title!

The Deep were a short-lived US psych-rock band hailing from New York and were one of the earliest groups to record psychedelic music! They were ahead of the game and had coined this style before it was adapted by a wider array of musical acts! As a band they were experimentally progressive, but were solely a a studio-only band and, aside from sessions for their album, produced no other recordings under this name.

Information on the group is sparse and only one band member had a confirmed musical career prior to these recordings. This member was Marcus Uzilevsky, better known as Rusty Evans, who had initially recorded in 1958 as a rockabilly singer, before performing as a Greenwich Village folk musician in the late 1950’s, early 1960’s. He was the band’s lead guitarist, primary songwriter and vocalist, but I’ll come back to him another day (I’ve got some more of his music tucked up my sleeve which I’ll put a link to as and when I get to it).

For now, let’s stick to The Deep and their one and only album, Psychedelic Moods! Marketed to songwriter/record producer, Mark Barkan (known for being the musical director of the TV show, The Banana Splits), Rusty Evans approached him with a proposal to produce an album that “musically replicated the experience an individual was exposed to while under the influence of LSD”.  At this point in time, the psych-rock genre had yet to surface in its entirety and this pioneering vision that Evan’s had was to be one of the first and earliest psychedelic rock albums ever made!! Needless to say, Barkan accepted the offer and The Deep who were signed to Cameo-Parkway Records to record the album! Twelve mind-bending sonic treats that paved the way for the masses!!! It’s quite a cool accolade to boast! One of these tracks on the record is entitled Pink Ether and, with its quirky squawks and hypnotic guitar melodies, is a trip into the far-out fantastic indeed!! Check it out above and see what you think?

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