SONG OF THE DAY Giuliano Sorgini – Mad Town

Known as one of the most mysterious composers of the sonorization and soundtrack genres, there is very little known about the life of Italian composer/keyboardist, Giuliano Sorgini. His name can be linked to multiple albums and compositions (including some of the most infamous, low-budget horror movies ever made in Italy in the mid-70’s), his releases extend over two decades, but details of his life remains in short supply.

Dedicated to rescuing Italian golden age soundtracks from Oblivion, Italy’s Four Flies Records are big fans of Giuliano Sorgini and have reissued lots of his music in the past, including one album that I am rather fond of, Zoo Follee, which was originally released in 1974!!

Today, Four Flies are releasing (in their own words), “a juicy treat for all 7-inch vinyl devotees: the first of its 45s series singles to feature tracks from Giuliano Sorgini’s masterpiece Zoo Folle”…..and what a juicy treat it is!!! Backed with Ultima Caccia on the b-side (which I covered last year), Mad Town is a fantastical, frenzied flute-fest, packed with some extremely glorious rhythms and funk-tastic melody lines!! Flute comes courtesy of Nino Rapicavoli and the rest is down to Mr Sorgini himself! What a treat!! Listen above and if you fancy grabbing yourself a brand spanking new copy of this reissued delight, you can find that here! Listen and enjoy above!

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