SONG OF THE DAY Orquesta Sensación – Tiene Sabor

Translating as “It Has Flavour”, today’s song does not disappoint in any way shape or form when it comes to stunning the senses with spice! Issued as the title track to the Orquesta Sensación’s 1959 album, Tiene Sabor is a vibrant, sonic delight!!

The Orquesta Sensación were founded on September 23 1953 in a well-known rumbero neighbourhood called, “Los Sitios en la Ciudad de la Habana, Cuba”.  The three founders consisted of Rolando Valdés (Guiro and Director), Jesús Esquijarrosa and Miquel Santa Cruz, who were both percussionists.

Their sound has been defined by maintaining its charanga format and thus preserving its own style and timbre within dance music. Spanning over an impressive six decades, the band are Cuban legends with an epic discography to match; there music continues to attract all generations…including me, all these years later!!  What more can I say? I love this sound very much! Enjoy!!

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