SONG OF THE DAY Deana Martin – Baby I See You

Not only is Deana Martin the daughter of the late, great Dean Martin, but she is a singer, actor, performer and author in her own right. Martin began her recording career working with the wonderful singer-songwriter and producer, Lee Hazlewood at Reprise Records.

Impressively, her early recordings were made whilst she was a teenager, which included hits like her country track, Girl of the Month Club. She went on to release a handful of other tunes in the 1960’s, collaborating with with the likes of Glen Campbell and, in later years, Jerry Lee Lewis.

Written by Robert Corso and arranged by Billy Strange, Baby I See You was recorded by Deana Martin in 1966 and issued on Reprise Records as the b-side to her Bottom Of My Mind 45.  The song has Hazelwood written all over it with its lashings of fevered strings and warm instrumental layering. This  sound was a far cry from the country records that followed, but her vocal style adapts well to psych-tinged pop, don’t you think? Listen above.

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2 Responses to SONG OF THE DAY Deana Martin – Baby I See You

  1. Denny Pezzin says:

    Very cool Deana. I could just see you in a mini skirt and boots … In the 60’s.
    ❤️. Denny Pezzin

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