SONG OF THE DAY Gabriels – Blame

Gabriels (Pop) – Blame Lyrics | Genius LyricsTheir sound is vintage, yet in a completely authentic way and you never quite know what is coming next, for they still maintain a relative air of mystery.

LA’s Gabriels are the real deal and have succeeded in carving out their very own groove in what is a very well-trodden path of soul and gospel. Forming in 2016 with a sound that is steeped in the richness of Black musical history, the band consists of classically trained vocalist, Jacob Lusk and producers Ari Balouzian and Ryan Hope.

Famed for being an American Idol contestant, the singer’s upbringing through the church has allowed him to lead congregations across the city, lending his vocal arrangements to the likes of Diana Ross and Gladys Knight, amongst others. Lusk’s voice is certainly something to get excited about!! 

Their debut EP was four years in the making (issued in 2020) and they have yet to release an album, but this adds to the appeal, especially given that their singles have all been so different and so compelling! Blame is a song taken from their 2021 EP, Bloodline.  Not only does it showcase his vocal prowess and ability to construct a divine soulful sound, but it expresses his spiritual depth and a desire to observe human behaviour and the components which drives us to move into darkness and light.

Explaining the meaning behind the track, Lusk says, “When examining our life’s problems, we hastily assign blame – ‘This happened because of this…’ Our song ‘Blame’ seeks to examine the construct of not only fault and shame, but take a deep dive into the world of addiction, and indulgence.”

Listen above and watch a live performance below..

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