SONG OF THE DAY Sweaty Palms – Captain of the Rugby Team

186551743_4094893230603938_174009332044014419_nSweaty Palms are an energetic four-piece DIY garage-punk outfit from the Southside of Glasgow who, by their own admission, make music that is inspired by drug-fuelled anxiety. Their sound is fuelled by a desire to unleash their inner demons and, as they tackle topics such as sexism and hating conservative bands, they have found a means to channel anger and negative energy….But it’s not all doom or gloom, for this band likes to flash its mischievous streak through subtle quirks and badly applied lipstick (check out the video below). Their facebook page offers up an interesting contact email address too! (

The band consists of Ronan Fay (guitar), Robbie Houston (vocals & guitar), Shaun ‘Monty’ Montgomery (bass) and Tom Ross (drums) and I think they’ve been playing together since 2016? After a few singles and a lot of gigging, Sweaty Palms released their debut album, Quit Now, in May 2020. Contrary to its title, this collection of psych-punk tracks do not disappoint and quitting this listening experience is the last thing from my mind right now as I work my way through. I love the savage rawness, the edgy discord and skittish unrest that courses through these eleven tracks and only have to ask why…why has it taken me all these years to track these down? Taken from their first full-length comes today’s song, Captain of the Rugby Team. The lyrics take no prisoners, dismantling lad culture, and the kind of everyday laddish discrimination that leads to cases like this one or this one. Speaking of the track, the band explained how: “The anger comes from the rampant atmosphere of misogyny in our society… apathy, prejudice and discrimination in all its forms,” the band state. “To make music that doesn’t address this in some way would feel dishonest and pointless.”

Check it out above, enjoy the accompanying video below and if you want to investigate their album and more, you can do that here.   If you really like what you hear and fancy supporting the band even further, you can do that here!!

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2 Responses to SONG OF THE DAY Sweaty Palms – Captain of the Rugby Team

  1. D Quinn says:

    They sound like the opening band from hell…But thanks…


  2. You’re welcome….shame it’s not your thing…. 🦄


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