SONG OF THE DAY Lee Hazelwood – My Autumn’s Done Gone

R-4805537-1376073916-9108Lee Hazelwood could be singing about paint drying and he would still bewitch me, such is the magic of his rich baritone voice. He has produced and collaborated with some of the greats, but his own work is every bit as wonderful and his prolific career that extended over nearly five decades is testament to that!

When it comes to elegance and blissful escapism, My Autumn’s Done Come is about as good as a song can get. A ballad about retirement and the closing of an era, this evocative serenade overflows with warm reflection, and its funny to think that Lee Hazelwood was only 37 when he wrote and recorded the song in 1966!! “Let those ‘I-don’t-care-days’ begin,” he sings, “I’m tired of holdin’ my stomach in…”

My Autumn’s Done Come accompanied one of his earlier singles, Sand, on the b-side  and also featured on his 1966 LP, The Very Special World of Lee Hazelwood. It’s one of my favourite of his songs and I love just how gloriously dreamy it is!

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  1. GuessIm Dumb says:

    One of my all time faves too!

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