SONG OF THE DAY Jimmy James Thomas – I Can’t Dance

Jimmy James Thomas, a.k.a Little Jimmy Thomas, may have claimed that “I Can’t Dance” in this cool little slice of hot funk, but he sure could sing!!

Backed with the crazily contrasting and way more subdued soul track, Waiting At The Station, today’s song was issued on US label, Cinn-Sound Records in 1967!

It was the only 45 to be released by this artist and such is the rarity of an original copy, it now fetches in the realms of £500+ for a first pressing!! The good news is that Dopebrother Records reissued this in 2007 and one of their represses is available for far more affordable prices!! Still, an original would be a grand find!!!

I Can’t Dance is a proper lively little beast and apart from the small details I’ve just outlined, I can’t find out anything else about Mr Jimmy Thomas…but, for a song about someone that can’t groove, this track just makes you want to try!!! Enjoy…..

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