SONG OF THE DAY Los Texao – La Pelea Del Gobernador

Hailing from Peru and named after a Peruvian flower (A Texao – commonly associated with the province of Arequipa, where the band originated), Los Texao were a garage rock band that specialised in all things psychedelic.

Featuring band members, Feño Humbser (guitar), Víctor Dibán (bass), Edgar Manrique (drums), Juan Núñez (vocals), Julio Torres (keyboards) and Adolfo Ballón (percussion), they were active between the years 1969-1971 – though their repertoire regretfully only extended to three singles.

Their sound was pioneering and they have since been described as the ‘Niebla’ (fog) because of their heavy use of echo and reverb, which was a new thing for Peruvian bands! This unique style of theirs has also been coined as “Niebla Rock”.

La Pelea Del Gobernador (translating as “The Governor’s Feud”) was their third and last release. It was also the b-side to their 1971 single, Nunca cambias. Out of the two tracks, I do prefer the flip-side though, and love the way the dirty fuzzed-out guitar contrasts the cool soul-tinged melodies and Latin rhythms…See what you think and enjoy!

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