SONG OF THE DAY The Main Ingredient – Euprates

Hailing from Harlem in the mid-1960’s, The Main Ingredient are a band a soul/R&B group that have stood the test of time…..they are still active to this day – albeit with a slightly different line-up. When they first started out, they were known as a trio called the Poets, and at that point the group consisted of lead singer Donald McPherson, Luther Simmons, Jr. and Panama-born Tony Silvester.

They issued their first recordings on  Leiber & Stoller’s Red Bird label, but soon changed their name to the Insiders and were then signed with RCA Records. It wasn’t until 1968 that they became The Main Ingredient and though I’d like to regale a much more exciting story as to how this name came about, their new title was merely inspired by a Coca-Cola bottle!!!…but there you go!

About six albums along in 1974, The Main Ingredient produced an album called Euprates River, and today’s song (if you hadn’t already guessed) is the title track from this record. Issued on RCA, this record has been described as one of their best and if you like this track, you will probably love the other seven soul goodies on here!!…though some are far too ‘soul’ for me!! heehee!!! Still, I like this track and am happy to be sharing this little beauty today! Enjoy!

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