SONG OF THE DAY Dolor et Ses Étoiles – Bourrique La

Today’s little percussive sunbeam of joy was concocted and issued sometime in the 1960’s I believe? I merely speculate on this fact as information is sparse and details on both the band and song are very few and far between, unfortunately.

Hailing from Guadeloupe, Dolor et Ses Étoiles (Dolor and Her Stars) were a West Indian band led by Dolor Meliot. When they emerged and for how long is something of a mystery, but I anticipate that it may have been only a short reign as they released only two EP’s by the looks of it?

Bourrique La was the A-side to their first release, issued on Guadalupe’s Aux Ondes label. This spirited biguine (biguine being a rhythm-centric style of music that originated from Saint Pierre, Martinique in the 19th century) was backed with tracks Eva and Ki Vino (Fatou), both of which I have included below. I love how everything pivots around the percussion, the very heart of this sound is the beat and (if I’m right here) the sound of the claves cut through so wonderfully!! Check it out above.

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