SONG OF THE DAY Sidney Owens & North South Connection – Sputnik

Don’t you just love how the b-side to most songs of any genre invariably ends up being the preferred track! Such is the case with today’s song!

Issued in the mid-1970’s on a label called ‘Moving Up’ (I believe), this single was to be the only release for Sidney Owens & North South Connection. There appears to be very little information out there about the group, so all I can tell you is that this 45 came out in 1976 and is sought after in collector’s circles, fetching in the realms of £200+ for a copy!!

On the A-side, Funky Shortnin’ Bread offers a far more generic soul/funk sound, so it’s pretty cool that it’s flip-side is so much more obscure and ‘out-there’.  I love its breakbeat-laden rhythm, vocal contrasts and heady, psyched-out stoner funk melody! Sputnik is cosmic and the character Sputnik in the song has definitely got the right idea….he’s away from earth!! Backing vocals gently chant and repeat, People are running/Where are they going?”,  as lyrics ponder why, “We’re all in a rush/We make so much fuss…for what?/The world will always turn/Some say its going to burn/Can’t we just wait for that day?/What are we working for anyway?… Check it out above.

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