SONG OF THE DAY Blurt – Trees

PrimaryBlurt are one band that I would love to have seen live back in their heyday, for I have no doubt in my mind that this would be one show I’d not be forgetting in a hurry!

When today’s song was first released in 1982 I was a mere toddler and its taken me many decades to discover the alternative sounds of Blrut. This intriguing post-punk band were founded in 1979 by poet, saxophonist and puppeteer Ted Milton, along with Milton’s brother Jake (formerly of psychedelic group Quintessence) on drums and Peter Creese on guitar.

Most of Blurt’s compositions consisted of simple, repetitive, minimalistic guitar and/or saxophone phrases. These passages often explored many abstract musical territories, often serving as an atmospheric backdrop for Ted Milton’s existentialist poetry.  It’s the perfect formula for creator and creation as one often takes turn to lead the other; the music is guided, but it also takes on its own shapes.

Active for close to 40 years Blurt are one of the UK’s all time great acts who have been described by Glasgow night club and record label, Optimo Music  as “phenomenal live and on record and supremely underrated”. Blurt’s mainman Ted Milton is considered a living legend, with Optimo Records describing how “even now in his 70’s is more vibrant on stage than most artists 50 years his junior, he is a man of many talents; artist, poet, musician, performer….”

Trees is one of my many favourite tracks by Blurt and appeared on their second self-titled album, which was released in 1982. I love the way this feels like its on the brink, of what I’m not sure, but its rhythmically hypnotic feel, yowling sax and mesmerising looped melody expresses movement and anticipation all at the same time. The sounds of Blurt reminds me heavily of The Comet Is Coming – whom I have now discovered have played with the band!! I wished I’d have seen that too!!

…..Listen and enjoy above

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