SONG OF THE DAY The Apollos – Soul Funk-Tion

Today’s funky little nugget doesn’t even have a release date anywhere, at least none that I can find!! This is another ultra rare 45 from (at a guess) sometime in the early 1970’s.

Issued on a label from Stockton, CA called Jamal Records and performed by a band called The Apollos, Soul Funk-Tion was the b-side to another rather funk track called What Will Tomorrow Bring by Waymond Hall. Looking at the record notes online, Waymond Hall is credited as the writer of Soul Funk-Tion, but there isn’t too much out there about him either. It looks like he was a singer in the late 1960’s who often toured with a group called the California Maliubus.

He also apparently graced the stage with many other artists, including the likes of: The San Francisco Symphony Orchestra, The Stockton Talent Guild, Billy Preston, Johnny Taylor, Curtis Mayfield and The Whispers. He also was the pianist for Second Baptist Church and in the late 1970’s he collaborated with the legendary H.B.Barnum (one I need to research myself??).

So, whilst I can’t tell you much else about this little lost funk groove, I can offer up its fine instrumental goodness and hope it pleases the ears and adds a good dose of funkiness to the day!! Enjoy!

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