SONG OF THE DAY The Barracuda’s – Nobody

PrimaryThe raucous rawness of this beast is worth unleashing at full pelt if you can get away with it! Play it loud and play it like you mean it!!

Released on a West Virginian label called Barracuda Productions and issued in very small numbers, today’s song is a punked-out garage single from 1965. Produced on a limited press only, I’m assuming that this may be one of the reasons as to why this rare 45 has fetched in the realms of £1200 in the past!!! It’s definitely not available anywhere online at the moment!

Backed with a track called I’ll Be True on the b-side (I can’t even find this anywhere to share with you!) The Barracuda’s (not to be confused with the UK 70’s surf band of the same name) recorded only one 45 in the mid-1960’s. I know I’ve said it before, but I definitely think the bitter-sweet lure of these one off garage-bands makes the whole genre an enticing adventure! You get little pearls like this that flash and burn like a shooting star, beaming as they pass, leaving an impression, but will never be seen again!! There were so many bands like that in the 60’s and West Virginia’s Barracuda’s were one of these shiners! Apparently, The Barracuda’s were also known as The Tone Masters and consisted of members, Joe Fowler (vocals), Charles “C.P.” Farley (guitar, vocals), James Lewis (guitar) and James “Jimmy” Jeffries (drums), but this is about all I can tell you about them.

Nobody was their only release, but what a little fireball it is!…. (and I’m loving those rolling drums!!)


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