SONG OF THE DAY Don Sebesky – Water Brother 

PrimaryIf you fancy something light and airy to jiggle up your day a bit, this may be just the thing?  Life can be heavy, but balance is the key!

With an insanely busy career that has spanned over forty years (and still counting), Don Sebesky is an American arranger, jazz trombonist and keyboardist. His repertoire includes numerous albums from the mid 1960’s-onwards and his projects as an arranger are just as extensive!

It was about 1960 when Don Sebesky began devoting himself primarily to arranging and conducting, with some of his best known arrangements created for the likes of George Benson (The Shape of Things to Come), Wes Mongomery (Bumpin’) and Paul Desmond (From the Hot Afternoon) – to name a few!

He has also worked with many orchestras, such as the London Symphony, the Chicago Symphony, the Boston Pops, The New York Philharmonic, the Royal Philharmonic of London, and the Toronto Symphony. As far as arranging is concerned, he has worked with the likes of Barbra Streisand, Tony Bennett, Christina Aguilera, Britney Spears, John Pizzarelli, Michael Buble, Liza Minnelli, Seal, and Prince, but it’s hard to condense such an wide-ranging career into a little post – so I have just touched the surface for your infomation….

Water Brother was the track that introduced me to this artist and as my ears have become attracted to a wealth of new sounds over the years of doing this blog, so too has my taste for all things funky and groove-laden. Though this song has been catergorised as “Soul-Jazz” and “Space-Age! Either way, it’s got that something I’m wholly relishing and love the many dynamic textures that come together in this feast of wholesome strings, appetising flute and (now I’ve read) tasty clavinet! This rapturous tune rewards any listener who stumbles upon this fine sound with nearly four minutes of cool!!! It’s out of this world and features on Don Sebesky’s aptly titled album, The Distant Galaxy, which was released in 1968 on Verve Records!


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