SONG OF THE DAY Kathy Stack – Summer Wind

PrimaryWell, I’ve gone round in circles tonight trying to find anything about Kathy Stack, but all roads just keep bringing me to a compilation album called “Psychemagik presents Magik Sunset Part One”, so I’m no further forward.

It’s hard to find songs that can be romantic, charming and original all-in-one go…or at least its hard to find a song like this that I actually like, but Kathy Stack’s folky ballad hits that spot. It’s got that smooth cool about it, without too much of anything and I like the tree metaphor she uses...Baby You Feel Like a Summer Wind…You Butter My Leaves and You Bend My Branches. Who wouldn’t want their leaves buttered and their branches bent by the soft touch of a warm summer breeze? I like the subtlety to this song and I like it’s glossy feel; Stack’s vocals smooths out the days creases like a gentle caress to the brow, relinquishing any stress as it dissipates into a haze of flute-fuzzed, groove-folk. She draws out her words and it does have a soothing effect..

Apart from a 7″ release in 1973, Kathy Stack’s only other offering was a self-titled album issued n 1982- which is where Summer Wind can be found. I don’t know what happened in those nine years in between or, indeed, what her background was, but I like that this is a little something different for me. Check it out above.

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