SONG OF THE DAY Los Dedos – March of the Crabs

Hailing from the sun-drenched surf-sands of UK’s Bristol City, Los Dedos are a three-piece instrumental band that came together in 2020 – though their creations are authentic enough to trick you into believing this sound was from the 1960’s!

Formed by guitarist Willy Malo, the band also includes bassist Picu Moreno and drummer Sam Bigland. Together they make a BIG sound, revisiting various musical styles, from classic surf, garage and spaghetti western to horror surf and cinematic surf!

This razor-sharp trio combine the classic 60’s sounds of Dick Dale, Link Wray and The Trashmen, bringing it crashing into the 21st century with the edge of (as quoted by the band) “Quentin Tarantino and David Lynch fighting over the jukebox in a Mexican bar!”

Their mastery of reverb-drenched guitars, Latin basslines and pounding surf beats are fun and exciting, fuelling the imagination and inspiring the urge to dance, move and groove! They pride their sound on this! They want you to “shake and shimmy!“.

To date their releases consists of a self-titled 5-track EP, issued in 2021, an interesting instrumental take on one of my all-time favourite Elvis tracks (Crawfish) in early 2022, and a brand new EP which came out at the beginning of June 2022!! Today’s exotic and fantastically rhythmic extravaganza is the title track from this new EP, which is out now and can be found here.

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