Joey Pastrana & His Orchestra – That’s How Rumours Start

PrimaryEmerging in the late 1960’s, singer-songwriter and musician, Joey Pastrana had a special gift for singing songs in both English and Spanish. He dedicated his whole life to music and was performing right up until his passing in 2014 (he was only 71).

Along with other boogaloo luminaries like Pete Rodriguez and Joe Cuba, Joey Pastrana was responsible for introducing Latin music to many English speakers across America. Accompanied by his wonderful and talented orchestra, Joey Pastrana paved the way for the new Latin music fusions that have come to be known as the Latin boogaloo. He was a master of the timbales, with a passion for rhythm, and was also a brilliant singer known internationally for his spirited live performances.

Honing his musical skills in his beloved New York, Joey was enticed by the sights and sounds of the city. In particular, he took a keen interest into was coming out of Spanish Harlem during the early sixties. Taking his cue from the R&B and Jazz that was popular at that time, Pastrana became a master of rolling rhythms, bringing alive dance floors throughout the world with a sound he pioneered. One of the top artists of the boogaloo/Latin soul era, Joey Pastrana’s music is regarded as one the most wonderful and exquisite examples of the world-famous “New York Latin sound.”

That’s How Rumours Start is a song taken from his 1968 self-titled LP and is definitely one of his more simmering and chilled out tunes. The tempo is sweet and slow, but their delicate patter is by no means subtle and ticks along with easy precision. The horn melodies are lush and the cool, unhurried feel is a welcome escape from life’s (seemingly) never ending quick pace… Enjoy!

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