SONG OF THE DAY The Glory Bound Singers Of Doddsville, Mississippi – We’re Dreaming of Heaven

I’ve definitely found much, much more of a soft spot for Gospel over the past few months and today’s divine offering is a smashing example of this mighty fine genre.

Issued in 1976 on a custom gospel label from Memphis, Tennessee called Designer (active in the 60’s & 70’s), this rare 45 is the only thing this band released. Such is its scarcity that I can’t even find it’s B-side anywhere online (a track called “He’s Been Good To Me“) and as for buying a copy, well, I’ve not seen one of those either!! So, this rare little gem that (luckily) washed up on my sonic shores tonight was recorded by a band called The Glory Bound Singers Of Doddsville, Mississippi – and if it comes as no surprise that I cannot find out anything about this band, you are one step ahead of me! Not a whisker anywhere, so all I can share with you are these few details!! 

We’re Dreaming of Heaven is heavenly and I absolutely love the swinging serenity of this track. The rhythm skips, the vocals are rich and mellow and the groove is so soulful it hurts!! It’s a mighty fine little beauty and if had I had to hazard a guess on its release date, I’ll be honest, I would’ve said a good few years earlier! It just sounds older than the mid-1970’s?…..either way, it’s a pleasure! Enjoy! 



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