SONG OF THE DAY The Travelaires – I’m Thankful

R-11229654-1512321672-4941Hailing from Baltimore, Maryland, The Travelaires regretfully didn’t release too much throughout (what I can gather) was a brief recording career. In 1981 they issued an album entitled Joy To My Soul, which came out on a label (their label?) Travelaires Productions, but that was their only full-length.

Prior to this (and I say prior because it sounds more like a 70’s recording than an 80’s) they issued one 45, which put out on Baltimore, Maryland label, Bradley Recording Co. I’m Thankful is a joyous chunk of soulful gospel, which boasts some particularly glorious wandering basslines, heady organ melodies and funk-fuelled vocals.

Backed with a track called Lord I Want You To Move, these two offering made up the only single this band put out…and what a crying shame that is!! I wish I could tell you more about this band and where they disappeared too all-too-quickly, but there is very little out there!..but ‘I’m Thankful’ to have discovered them!!! Enjoy!

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