SONG OF THE DAY Panda Bear & Sonic Boom – Livin’ In The After

There have been so many occasions when my ears have pricked up to a tune and it’s been Panda Bear, and yet I’ve still not featured one of his songs! Today I’m going to change that!! It’s been a dry week music-wise and I’ve struggled with my searches, but PB’s new track has brought me a little sonic salvation, especially today’s very charming offering!

Panda Bear of Animal Collective (AKA Noah Lennox) makes “music of self-harmony, orchestral boy-loops, and in latter years, an irresistible pull towards the future“. His unique sound is structured around a formula which entwines repetition, space, and a cathartic tunefulness which pieces together hypnotic melody. For his latest release, Panda Bear has teamed up with Peter Kember, a.k.a Sonic Boom and though the pair are no strangers to each other’s music, Reset is  their first collaborative release

Inspired by a love for old favourites of yesteryears, this new record pays homage to the “ornate intros by Eddie Cochran and the Everly Brothers” and has been crafted with this classic sound in mind. Featured track Livin’ In The After is utterly authentic, conjuring up sounds of the Everly Brothers with those sunbeam vocal harmonies. It’s just explodes with happiness and that can only be a good thing!

The creative process of Reset emerged not long after lockdown began and for the duo the process has been described as “temporary medicine”. This has certainly alleviated a lot of my stress and pressure today, so for that I am also rather chuffed!

Reset was released earlier this month on Domino Records and can be checked out/purchased from here. Enjoy!

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