SONG OF THE DAY Rejolby et L’Unite Jazz – Eying Abe


“Hard hitting Cameroon deep funk rarity with funky grunts à la James Brown style and raw psych guitar solos, also a soukous meets funk tune. Mega obscure title once again, never sold on ebay, not listed on Discogs….”

Today’s song is something of a mystery and one of only two tracks ever put out by this band (unfortunately). The description I’ve quoted above indicates that a copy of this has never sold on Ebay and is not listed on Discogs – both of which are still the case! This would be such a good find!!

Featured as the B-side to a song called Henriette, this single was issued in 1975 on Sonafric Records (subsidiary of the Paris-based label Sonodisc). The only clue* to the origin of this recording is on the label where it states “Afro Soul Jerk sung in Fang” (Fang being a Southern Bantoid language of Cameroon).

Other than that, I can’t tell you too much more about this soulful, afrobeat delight, but I’m really loving the buzz-flutter of those drums against the cutting melody line!.. I’d like to hear the A-side, too!


*Thanks to radiodiffusion for helping with download and info!!

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