SONG OF THE DAY Tony Valletta Trio – Garbage Man

PrimaryToday’s jazzy little ball of sonic dynamite has the most infectious melody and if this doesn’t get wedged into your head, I’ll want to know why!! Who would’ve thought that a song about the garbage man could be so much fun!!!

Well, the Tony Valletta Trio obviously did and these are who you can thank for this crazy ear worm, but there isn’t too much out there about this band, unfortunately!! Isn’t it always the case with these one-off 45’s? This band put out one single sometime in the 1960’s (I’m guessing), but a year of release isn’t even coming up, so this is another unanswered question – if anyone can help??……

Garbage Man was backed with a track called Hedgehopper on the b-side, but even this song isn’t available anywhere to hear – this is one to add to my wishlist!! When I get it, I’ll add the b-side, I promise!!!

The only information I can tell you is that this 45 came out on a label called Fantasy Records with the song writing credited to Tony Valetta. Fantasy records seem to have only put out this one single, so maybe it was set up for this one purpose only? Too many questions!! I also found a comment on a Youtube page from a person claiming to be Tony Valletta’s friend, so I thought I’d paste what they had to say below…Enjoy the song!

I had the personal gift of being Tony Valetta’s friend for many years. He had the most phenomenal technic behind the piano I have ever seen personally. His knowledge of re-harmonization was beyond anything and was his true passion!! I played, believe it or not, in a top 40 band with Tony for a while, and as deeply schooled and trained as many of the musicians were in the band, Tony would take a top 40 song, do his thing, etc. etc. We would all look at him, look at each other, thinking the same thing…”what was that”…wanting to dismiss it (did not sound like the song), yet in the end, we said to each other WOW!! Genius…how did he ever come up with that!! Maestro Valetta LIVES!!

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