SONG OF THE DAY Abraxas – Mañana

CS5670393-02A-BIGDanny Lee Blackwell (of the Night Beats) has embarked on a new project. Teaming up with ex-Los Bitchos instrumentalist, Carolina Faruolo, the duo – known as Abraxas – are to release their collaborative debut LP, Monte Carlo, this October via Suicide Squeeze.

Fusing together Blackwell’s love for ‘outlaw soul’ and garage, together with Farulo’s childhood passion for Cumbian rhythms, this exploratory sound balances the two components perfectly. Despite the apparent contrast in their styles, the two musicians bonded over their reverence for Selena and Sade.

Mañana is the second single to be taken from their upcoming album and is an absolute feast of tropical sounds and rhythms. You can’t mistake this sound and their unique blend is really striking. Vocal howls, shifting rhythms and psych-tropical melodies…what more could you ask for!? 

The band have also shared a new video (see below) explaining how:

At the heart of planet Abraxas is a beating heart, roughly the size of the earth’s core. The pulsating beat of ‘Mañana’ echoes those rhythms while the song transports us to an endless journey through the sand dunes of the ‘Mañana’ moon. Our traveller weighs the future while wandering endlessly through a jungle casino mirage, lurking panthers and allWe love Bradley’s visual accompaniment with the track as it gives the viewer a glimpse into this moon’s trappings and temptations. The deep purples and pinks turn to black and greenish hues as the song travels.”

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