SONG OF THE DAY Lou Rawls – Evil Woman

PrimaryToday’s song is another cover incidentally, but a total fluke that it happened to pop into my head after yesterday’s cover that I featured! The song I’m using today also has similarities with yesterday’s post in that this is not the first version of this song to be recorded, but it’s the one I like the best!

Evil Woman was written by US songwriter Laurence Weiss and first recorded by Guy Darrell and issued on the Piccadilly label in 1967. Though this version is ok, it doesn’t really, in my humble opinion, do the song justice. Nor does Canned Heat’s rendition, which was also released in 1967 (and this surprised me because I thought if Canned Heat were doing it, I’d like it!).

Nobody does this song quite like Lou Rawls and I think this is because I love his voice and probably also because the mighty David Axelrod produced this version!!! Lou Rawls’ offering was released in 1968 on Capitol Records, making this the second cover of the original, and though there were versions to come, this is the one for me! Enjoy!

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