SONG OF THE DAY David Martial – Jerk Vidé

PrimaryThe absolute cheerful charm of today’s song is something to be celebrated and shared!! What a little bundle of sunbeams this sonic delight is!! I love those kaleidoscopic keys and their hypnotic dance, I love the range of those ecstatic vocals, and their melodic squawks and I love how it just makes me smile…

David Martial was a singer from Saint-Pierre in Martinique. Born in 1935, he celebrated over a decade in music, releasing from the late 1960’s, right though to the early 1980’s. Possibly best known for the 1976 hit, Célimène, it was this song that particularly brought him fame. Though I think I prefer his first two EP’s from the early/mid 60’s; this is where today’s song can be found! Issued in 1966 on Aux Ondes subsidiary label, Célini Disques, Jerk Vidé was part of his 4-track Lucie EP….it’s my favourite one of his I’ve heard so far!!

Check it out above….Enjoy! 😎

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