SONG OF THE DAY Fad Gadget – Saturday Night Special

PrimaryBetter known by his stage name, Fad Gadget, Francis John Tovey was a electronic, avant-garde musician and vocalist active in the early 1980’s. Signed to Mute Records his work has been cited as ground-breaking, pathing the way for new wave and early industrial music to flourish. His unique blend of experimental pop exploded across his live shows, for which he was well-known for….but I’ve yet to discover what antics he got up to but, from what I’ve read, they were a little crazy!! I guess eccentricity presents itself in many ways and Fad Gadget often strayed into the realms of the unusual by the sounds of it!

By 1989 he had changed musical direction, delving into some acoustic material with more political undertones. He continued on this theme until 1993 when he withdrew from the music business, never to return! Sadly, by 2002 he had passed away at the tender age of just 45 after suffering a heart attack!!

I’ve only heard a couple of his tracks so far, but today’s song was what introduced me to him! I’m intrigued to hear more though and have just found some interesting trivia on Fad Gadget, so I’m going to share!! He was apparently the first artist on Mute Records (aside from founding member Daniel Miller himself) and had it not been for Fad Gadget, Miller may never have discovered and signed Depeche Mode as it when they were opening for Fad Gadget at a local club in Essex the that they were discovered!! Cool, eh!!

Backed with Swallow It Live on the B-side, Saturday Night Special was released as a 45 in 1982 and also featured on his album, Incontinent. I think you’ll be hard-pressed to get this tune out of your head whether you like it or not (I couldn’t) but I also like that it reminds me a bit of Bauhaus! Check it out above.

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