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PrimaryRight now if I had to find a song that could deliver me from the pain in my head and whisk me away on a floaty cloud of sonic elegance, this would probably be the one!! As I drift away with this swaying into my ears, I can safely say that it does, at least, alleviate, some of the pressure!

Sometimes referred to by his initials, JPM, Jean-Pierre Massiera was a French musician, composer, record producer, sound engineer and recording studio owner! Active in the music industry for nearly 60 years, it does make you wonder why his name is not more well-known? Especially given that he was also known as “the French Joe Meek” (as named by The Guardian’s reviewer, Ben Thompson who described his work as “a fetid miasma of sick humour, sound effects and unexpectedly first-rate musicianship”) …I’m not sure I can better that description!

His crazy and prolific offerings between the 1960’s and 1990’s explored many musical realms, with his exploratory and experimental sounds touching upon pop instrumentals, psychedelic rock and disco music. Often incorporating elements of musique concrète, field recordings and samples in an eccentrically experimental and unique style, his work is usually credited under one-off band names such as Les Maledictus Sound, Horrific Child, and Herman’s Rocket.

Today’s offering is taken from an album called Maledictus Sound which, if you haven’t already guessed, he issued when performing as Les Maledictus Sound. Issued in 1968, this was the only record he put out with this band which, spread across its 15 songs, contains moments of musical magic, moments of musical oddities and moments of random meanderings..It’s a curious listen so far – this is my first time hearing it!! Enjoy!

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