SONG OF THE DAY (🎃Hallows Eve, Eve, Eve👻) Mother Sunday – Midnight Graveyard

PrimaryThe leaves fall and the skies burn golden as the sun is eaten by the hungry horizon…Halloween beckons and I can feel it calling amidst the darkening skies..I do love this time of year!

Today’s offering is now quite a sought after obscurity, pressed in small numbers and released in the early 1970’s’. If you are lucky enough to own an original 45, then count yourself lucky, these are worth a few bob!!

Backed with You Don’t Understand on the b-side, Midnight Graveyard is a dark psych-rock song issued by a band called Mother Sunday in 1971. Formed in 1969 under the name “The Juice”, the band only released this one 45, which came out on a small swiss label called Moon Records – with only 500 copies pressed!! The tracks were recorded at Steff Sulke’s famous Soundcraft Studio, in Bienne. It features guitarist Hans “Bruschmi” Bruggmann from the swissbeat band “The Counts”, with a cover designed by Matthias Weibel.

Midnight Graveyard unravels its snarly guitars as they cry out over this dark psychedelic melody. Shadowy keys chime their unearthly undertones, summoning an ominous feel as the troubled moan of foreboding lyrics warn, “Now as it gets towards the morning hours/I’m part of it all/and I’m beggin you my friends/not to come near me no more/because I might hurt you might hurt you/so please my friends just go away/that is all I can ask that is all I can beg that is all I can say…”

It’s a great track that I’d never heard until this evening!

In an article I’ve just found, you can read what the band’s founding member has to say about their creations, inspirations and what eventually broke them up!! You can find that here..and I’ve pasted in the rest of the song’s lyrics below… Enjoy!

Here I am all alone
in the empty graveyard at midnight
and I don’t know what i’m doing here
I’ve lost my way

And the mist is slowly falling
over my underchilled (?) body
and I don’t want to get out of here now
so please god help me on my way

Now as it gets towards the midnight hour I’m still alone
and I can see them creeping out of their tombs all made of stone
and I can feel them creeping all around me
oh god, what shall I do
that is all I can beg, that is all I can ask, my god, of you

Now as it gets towards the morning hours
I’m part of it all
and I’m beggin you my friends
not to come near me no more
because I might hurt you might hurt you
so please my friends just go away
that is all I can ask that is all I can beg that is all I can say
oh no…

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