SONG OF THE DAY (👻🎃Hallows Eve, Eve👻🎃) Leroy Bowman & The Arrows – Graveyard

Today’s supersonic spooky spectacle is the second instalment in the LP’s Halloween celebrations!…and I use the word ‘celebrate’ because Halloween is, after all, a time to celebrate the lives of those who have passed on.

Leroy Bowman & The Arrows released this one 45 sometime in the early 1960’s. Backed with another rock ‘n’ roll number called Uh Huh, this is the one and only offering they only put out regretfully and I’ve yet to find any details on either the Leroy Bowman or The Arrows – so if anyone can shed any light??

Graveyard opens with the haunting echoes of Bowman’s lone voice, crooning the lines, Did you ever take a walk on a pale moonlight/Through Deserted cemetery/Spooks all around/Shadows on the ground/Didn’t know could be so scary….”. As his voice chants out amidst a haunting backdrop of ghostly backing vocals, a piano strikes like a chime and all is still, but when that beat kicks in and the frenzied chink-chink of the piano gets going, the song takes on another hysterical form! I love how it comes alive and I love Bowman’s howls!! Get your chills above!!

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