SONG OF THE DAY 👻HALL🎃WEEN👻 Frantics – The Werewolf

PrimaryHalloween is upon us and as I drove home tonight with Autumn-scorched leaves pinned to my car, I smiled at the darkening skies as they made way for caped monsters to roam! Today’s howling horror comes courtesy of Seattle band, The Frantics.

The Werewolf (or, just Werewolf as it is actually named) was one of many 45’s this band put out in the 1950’s-1960’s. With a sound based on rock and roll, The Frantics were signed to Dolton Records in 1959, issuing several songs that made it to the Billboard Hot 100! The group started out as a duo, calling themselves the Hi-Fis, with Ron Peterson on guitar and Chuck Schoning on Saxophone. Then, after recruiting a bassist and drummer, they were known as the Four Frantics. As the band underwent several more line-up changes, members such as Denise Kaufman, Don Fulton, Eddie Lowell Goodman, Jim Manolides and three members of Moby Grape (Jerry Miller, Don Stevenson and Bob Mosley) all came and went. Today’s song, however, was created with the original line-up and came out in 1959.

Werewolf is creepy, dark and evocative with its sinister, spooky mutterings growling their moon-drenched incantations under the spell of that desolate windswept melody. Conjuring drums and piercing guitars mingle together as this voodoo spell beckons the all-enveloping night….what could be better for this Halloween witching hour?

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