SONG OF THE DAY Jack Trombey – Underlay No.3

PrimaryIt’s times like these that I wish I could mix and sample, what a superb break this is! How good would this be in a mix?? Those beats!!! What a marvel this mighty fine instrumental is!!

Underlay No.3 formed part of a collection of instrumental songs that were released on a 1971 album called Underlay! Issued by a group called The Studio Ensemble, this track was the work of Dutch composer, conductor, trombonist and former radio producer, Jan Stoeckart.

Better known as Jack Trombey, this artist also often worked under various other pseudonyms such as Willy Faust, Peter Milray, Julius Steffaro and (as mentioned) Jack Trombey.  In the UK he is probably best known for his composition, Eye Level by the Simon Park Orchestra. This was produced originally for the De Wolfe Music Library** and was then selected by Thames Television to be the theme tune for their Netherlands-based detective series Van der Valk! The song made it to number one on the UK singles chart in 1973!! Jack Trombey composed approximately 1200-1300 works for De Wolfe!!

Under te pseudonym Jack Trombey, one of his best-known compositions is probably Homeward Bound – which became King Arthur’s heroic theme from the film Monty Python and the Holy Grail (1975)! Underlay No.3 came a few years before his other well-known efforts and, as mentioned, featured on an album called Underlay. I’m amazed that this track hasn’t sampled anywhere??? Surely this cannot be the case?? I need to investigate more! This is a classic piece of top class funky library music and I know I keep ranting about it, but hark at that glorious beat!! What a tune!! I love it!! Check it out above..

**De Wolfe Limited (previously known as Music de Wolfe, often referred to as De Wolfe Music) is a British music production company, recognised as the originator of what has become known as library music. De Wolfe Music was established by Meyer de Wolfe in 1909 and began its recorded library in 1927 with the advent of ‘Talkies’ (talking pictures). 

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