SONG OF THE DAY La Logia Sarabanda – Guayaba


La Logia Sarabanda were a very groovy outfit hailing from Uruguay who were active in the early 1970’s. The were led and brought together by Argentinian pianist, composer and arranger, Miguel Leuber who, already an established figure in the La Plata and Buenos Aires jazz scene in the 1950’s, went on to be part of Los Wawanco – a band that achieved great fame by introducing Caribbean music in South America – in particular Argentina! 

Whilst in La Logia Sarabanda, Leuber developed his psych-rock side, fusing fuzzy lead guitars, funky Latin rock and lashings of divine percussion! Sadly, the group only released one record which was their self-titled offering issued in 1973 on Mexican label, Discos Rex. 

PrimaryThis 10-track LP opens with today’s very funky Guayaba (who thought a song about Guava could be soooo cool!?), which was also released as a 45 earlier that year – backed with Todos O NingunoThe song is greatly defined by these very cool breaks (which you can’t help but revel in), closely followed by some stomping percussive grooves and free-flowing sunshine vocals…It’s pretty joyous and very very sonically refreshing!!

Check it out above and if you fancy checking out the whole album, I’ve pasted that below too!! 🙂

. Alongside his very psychedelic side, Leuber also

La Logia Sarabanda was a band from Uruguay. This album is characterized by a mix of psychedelic rock, with fuzzy lead guitars, and a psychy latin rock with nice percussions.


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