SONG OF THE DAY Lee Fields – Two Jobs

Cited as one of the greatest soul singers alive today, Lee Fields celebrates a career that has spanned over five decades and, at the tender age of 72, he’s still going strong! Releasing his latest album just last month via the mighty Daptone Records, Sentimental Fool is PACKED full of highly melodic, heart-strung, sensitive-soul anthems! His voice is every bit as heart-wrenching as ever and his his music stirs with every beat!

Sentimental Fool began in early 2022 when Lee was reunited with Daptone Records and producer Gabriel Roth to record this 12-track, blues-tinged offering. This sound is authentic, but by no means cliche and each and every song pours out deep soul and it lingers on the senses, tingling the heart receptors with its warm glow. Speaking of the record, Daptone aptly said: From his first line to his final plaintive lyric, the beauty, power, and raw humanity of Lee’s voice is on full display here; the culmination of an astounding career that has seemed to defy gravity, rising to only greater and greater heights….”

I couldn’t put it better myself!! Two Jobs is the first track I heard from this record and, as with lots of the other songs on this album, boasts some mighty fine keyboard work! Lee’s vocals are powerful, full of feeling fit fantastically with the sublime groove of this song…and, indeed, whole album!!

Check it out above and if you fancy it (of course you do!!) you can listen/purchase the rest of Sentimental Fool from here….and you can also listen to another mighty Lee Fields track on my page, here!

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