SONG OF THE DAY Enchanted Forist – Hung On You

R-6098721-1608608587-2277With only one 45 to their name, garage outfit Enchanted Forist (yes, that’s spelt right) made their one offering really count! This dark little gem is bloody lovely and it s gloom-tinged melody really gets into you head. I love the stomping rhythm and loosely fit, semi-spoken punk-feel lyrics! 

I wish I could tell you more about this band, but as is the case with sooo many of these psych gems, they release on shining star and burn out… Enchanted Forist (also known as Thei Forist) hailed from Hollywood and issued this one single on Californian label, Mark Records. Backed with It Don’t Mean A Thing Anymore, both tracks were (I believe) released in 1966/7, but this isn’t definite either and I can’t find much to confirm this fact? Either way, what we do know is that this little beauty needs to be shared and enjoyed, so here you go!!! Enjoy! 

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