SONG OF THE DAY The Soul Fantastics – Funky Puggin

PrimaryHark at this vibrant boogie wonder and trip the funk fantastic with The Soul Fantastics! Formed in Panama in the early 1970’s, this band consisted of Samuel Archer (vocals), Daniel Bulgin (vocals), Antonio Marshall (bass), Ricardo W. Stapple (drums), Guillermo A. Guillen (guitar), Antonio Philpotts (guitar), Horacio Boyce (percussion) and Luis Thomas (congas).

Throughout the 1970’s they issued three LP’s and an array of 45’s, all of which remain to be rather scarce and highly sought after. Their sound seems to vary (from what I’ve heard so far) between sizzling funk/soul and the more delicate tropical Latin groove, which is pretty cool as the contrast is quite discernible in places!

Funky Puggin’ is a track that featured on their self-titled debut album, which was issued in 1971 on Panamanian label Taboga Records. This record is relatively rare and currently fetches in the realms of £200-300 for an original, but luckily has since been reissued on various labels, one of which was the Italian label, Record Kicks in 2008. Unlike some of their more softer soul sounds, Funky Puggin’ takes no prisoners!! This bodacious Latin funk monster is explosive! Enjoy!!

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