SONG OF THE DAY The Hitchhikers Featuring The Mighty Pope – Mr. Fortune

PrimaryOriginally released on Canadian label, Heart Records, today’s mighty beast came into this world in 1971. Recorded by Frank Motley & The Hitchikers, this 45 was their only single and followed their sole LP which was issued the previous year in 1970.

Reissued a few years back by Austrian label, Record Shack, it was described by them as as one of the “funkiest pieces of wax to come off the Heart label back in 1970″…and FUNKY it is!!

Mr Fortune features ex-Jamaican talent Earle Heeedram aka ‘The Mighty Pope’ (named ‘mighty’ for his vocal strength), who provides vocals. Accompanied by the esteemed American trumpet player Frank Motley, this combination made for a very big sound!! At the time of its release there was no industry or promotional support, so the disc soon disappeared, fading into obscurity almost immediately. Thanks to the Record Shack, however, it has now become one of the most in demand (and now available) ‘northern funk’ tunes on the rare soul scene! What a treat!!! Enjoy!!

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