SONG OF THE DAY Willie Dunn – Peruvian Dream Part 2

PrimaryWillie Dunn shared truth through song and celluloid. His original composition, “I Pity the Country,” is an unparalleled statement on the greed and hate created by humankind….”#

Highly revered and greatly missed, William Lawrence Dunn, a.k.a Willie Dunn, was a Canadian singer-songwriter, guitarist, film director and politician. Born in Montreal, Quebec, he was of mixed Mi’kmaq and Scottish/Irish background (the Mi’kmaq being a First Nations people of the Northeastern Woodlands, indigenous to the areas of Canada’s Atlantic Provinces/the Gaspé Peninsula of Quebec/the northeastern region of Maine).

He dedicated much of his time highlighting the plight of the indigenous people through all areas of his work, including his song-writing.  Throughout the early 1970’s and 1980’s he released several full-length albums, including Willie Dunn (1971) and The Pacific (1980). As of yet, I’m only familiar with a couple of his tracks, but it’s been interesting to discover what he was about. Dunn’s most famous song, I Pity the Country, was a direct criticism of colonialism and anti-indigenous racism. Through music he voiced his political views and several of his songs (I Pity the Country, Son of the Sun and Peruvian Dream) are featured on the 2014 Light In The Attic compilation, Native North America, Vol. 1.

Peruvian Dream Part’s 1 & 2 originally featured on Willie Dunn’s 1971 self-titled debut album. So far, for me, they have been a couple of stand-out tracks (from the small amount I’ve explored) and I especially like Peruvian Dream Part 2! This spiritual chant is rhythmic and hypnotic, potent in its delivery and bewitching in its transcendental offering? I’m really liking this track!!

Check it out above and find Peruvian Dream Part 1 below…..

Singer-songwriter, Eric Landry captured Dunn’s essence perfectly by saying how:

“He was our Leonard Cohen. The only difference is that Willie refused to play the Hollywood showbiz game. In talent, he is Cohen, Dylan, and Cash rolled into one and along with Buffy Sainte-Marie, Floyd Red Crow Westerman, and A.Paul Ortega, he brought a new set of perspectives and realities to the folk music tradition. Willie spoke directly to his people and Mother Earth through his creations, not only from experience, but by examining his roots and connecting with the world in which he lived. We are humbled to help honour Willie Dunn. May he never be forgotten… PEACE….”

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