SONG OF THE DAY All & Nothing – Tarantos

PrimaryComing to you direct from the bed of the LP Post, I’m a poorly soul and have definitely felt better!! Good points to share, however, is that MUCH rest and lots of sleep are definitely helping!! Today’s offering is something I stumbled upon earlier and comes in the form of a song called Tarantos. 

Aptly translating as ‘dazed/bewildered’ (I believe?), this song was issued in 1971 via Spanish label, Pop Records. The band behind this track are a crew of four Spanish prog rockers going by the name of All & Nothing. Not the greatest name, I appreciate….

Founded in the beginning of the 1970’s they released just two singles, both of which were performed in a “rock andaluz” style. Their first single was the very funky Underground Vibrations b/w Snobismo, which was released in 1970, followed by Taranto. Backed with a (not-so-edgy and rather disappointing) b-side, Seven O’Clock, Taranto is definitely the shinier moment of these two sides!! I like the delicate Jethro Tull-esque flute intro and the way the song suddenly changes when the verse comes in….I wasn’t expecting that!! Sang in Spanish, it also adds to the mystery and I like the flamenco tones to the vocals…not a bad little number! Check it out above..

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