SONG OF THE DAY Ahmed Malek – La Ville

Ahmed Malek was an Algerian pianist/flutist, conductor and composer who made music for television and the big screen.  Born in 1931, he spent many years creating sounds for TV shows, documentaries and (largely) for cinema film scores.  Not only did he compose and write music, but he also liked to dabble and experiment with the use of new technologies. In doing so, he bridged the gap between traditional Algerian music and modern/current sounds, merging the two worlds into these creations that were both fresh and pioneering.

He gained recognition for his craft from an early stage and won several prizes and medals nationally and internationally (The “Premier grand prix des arts et des lettres de la composition” in 1972, the golden medal at the “Panafrican Festival” in 1976, and the “Prix du mérite national pour la composition musicale” in 1987). He was the conductor of the “Algerian Television Orchestra“ for many decades and represented his country at international events such as the Expo In Japan, Canada, Cuba and Spain. During his time as an active composer he wrote the music for dozens of movies, television shows and documentaries. Then, in the late 90’s, his health deteriorated. He passed on the 24th of July, 2008, at his home in El Mouradio, Algiers. 

His legacy lives on, thanks to the likes of Habibi Funk Records who have spent a lot of time locating Malek’s family so that his sounds can be reissued and forever relished! There is much to explore! La Ville cames in two parts (the second I shall paste below) and appeared on an album called Musique Originale De Films. It’s a wonderful record sampling the delights of Ahmed Malek’s diverse compositions, which range from today’s funky delight, to the dreamy sounds of Les Vacances de L’inspecteur Tahar and Mayabut all the songs on this album are rather divine! So much so, Ill also paste the album below too!

La Ville is a bit of a groovy beast though and I love the shimmering vibe of the dancing hi-hat and loaded-funk guitar! Yum!!! Listen above.

La Ville Part 2:

Musique Originale De Films – whole album:

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