SONG OF THE DAY Compay Quinto – El Diablo

PrimaryWhoa!! What a little sizzler this is! Sometimes you don’t know what you need until you find it and today’s song was just the thing! This little beauty has taken me down a very nice avenue of Latin delights!!

Founded in 1967 by guitarist Pancho Acosta, vocalist Pepe Baroni and bassist Carlos Hayre, Compay Quinto were a Peruvian psych-funk outfit active throughout the 60’s and 70’s – though it is said they continued to play for many decades!

Known for developing the unique Peruvian electric guitar sound that led to the birth of Peruvian psychedelic cumbia and “chicha”, their sound was shaped and heavily influenced by Cuban music, for which they created with electric guitars!

Throughout the late 1960’s it looks like they issued three albums and a whole load of 45’s and EP’s. Beyond this I’m not sure, but sources do suggest they were still releasing for some time..sorry to be vague there, but if anyone can help clarify, please do?

Today’s song is the title track from their 1967 debut LP, El Diablo, which was issued on Peruvian label, Doremi. The track was also released that same year as the b-side to their sunshiny offering, El Frutero, but El Diablo definitely has the edge over a lot of their other songs…but I like them, I like their sound and I like the fact they shaped Latin music as we know it!

Listen above and if you fancy hearing the whole album, I’ve pasted that below! Enjoy!

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