SONG OF THE DAY La Sonora Dinamita – Ritmo Tropical

PrimaryIf there was one record I was determined to own, it was La Sonora Dinamita’s Ritmo! ….and find it I did!! All the way from Mexico it came and I was soooooooooooooooo chuffed when it turned up!! What I didn’t realise at the time was that some copies (mine included) were short of a couple of songs – those being today’s, Ritmo Tropical and the SUPERB Eco en Stereo (follow this link to my post to hear this song). Needless to say I’ve had my eyes peeled ever since for a version (that I can afford) with these tracks on it, but for now I can at least find them on my blog!!

Sonora Dinamita are a Columbian Cumbia group that first came together in 1960! Over fifty years later, with a shed load of records under their belts and plenty of line-up changes, the band were still going into the late 1990’s…and may still be about today? If anyone knows??

During their very early days in the late 1950’s, Sonora Dinamita were one of the first Cumbia bands to reach international success which, in turn, helped to popularise the genre through Latin America and the world! The original band stayed together for three years, creating three albums in that time, before disbanding in 1963. Sonora Dinamita then reformed in 1977! Their first three years were golden times!

Ritmo Tropical was issued on the band’s second LP, Ritmo, which was released in 1960! As mentioned above and I think I stressed it quite well, this is a WONDERFUL record and I love every track!! I also love the way today’s song is contrastingly split between its mellow beginning and (unexpected) buzzing middle/ending!! It’s a percussive dream with wild, crazy horns and sizzling dynamics…I hope you love it just as much as me?!! Check it out above.

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