SONG OF THE DAY Yoruba Singers – Basa Bongo

PrimaryKnown for being one of Guyana’s longest surviving bands, The Yoruba Singers got together in the early 1970’s. Originally consisting of singer Abiola, producer/singer/musician Bonny Alves and third member Eze Rockcliffe, the band have had several line-up changes since their emergence, which is understandable given their longstanding musical career!

Sadly, Volda Caesar (Abiola) was murdered shortly after today’s song was released in 1975 and never made it beyond the tender age of 26. The rest of the band carried on, nourishing the soul of Guyana’s music industry with its impressive vocals and unforgettable performances in the wake of their lost band member.

Today’s rhythmic wizardry is a very funky offering issued on a (cool named) label called Green Shrimp. Backed with another catchy groove called Black Pepper, both tracks are flute-fuelled trip into the funk-fantastic and a very nice purchase for a good price!! Check it out above.

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