SONG OF THE DAY Lecuona Cuban Boys – Hinodu

Lecuona Cuban Boys Hindou & Dime Adios 78 RPM Columbia DF 2024During the 1930’s and 1940’s, The Lecuona Cuban Boys were a very popular Cuban band with an impressive discography that spanned over decades! Founded by one of the most successful Cuban composers of all time, Ernesto Lecuona formed the band in the early 1930’s. Originally known as The Orqeuesta Encanto. Lecuona didn’t actually play with the band, but sometimes gave a piano recital before they went on. In 1934, Lecuona returned to Cuba and Armando Oréfiche took charge. Ernesto gave them the gift of his name and the band, eleven members strong, were known as the Lecuona Cuban Boys!

The band toured the world just before World War II, after which they went to Latin America and spent much time touring there. After the war, a dispute split the band and Armando Oréfiche left, taking with him a few members. Creating a new outfit, they became known as the Havana Cuban Boys, whilst the remaining band members continued to perform under the old name and settled in New York. The Lecuona Cuban Boys continued to tour and finally retired in 1975.

Being together and performing for that many years, there is a shed load of material for me to explore, which is really rather exciting as I’ve really loved what I’ve heard so far!! This music makes me happy!! It feels good!! Today’s song was originally released in 1936 (I believe) and pressed as a 78! It’s a glorious piece of music with the most precious melody and a truly warming feel..what else can I say? I love this very much and hope you do too!! Enjoy! 

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