SONG OF THE DAY Akira Miyazawa & Soul Leon -Chinese Lion Peony (唐獅子牡丹)

PrimaryToday’s song was discovered in one of those moments when all things appear aligned. I happened to be in the right place at the right time and along came this intriguing and enriching listen!…What I didn’t realise, however, was that (spookily) this random find had also been recommended to me a week or so ago as well (thank you), so it was obviously meant to be!!  I love sharing music, it’s the next best thing to actually discovering something fantastic and new, so here I am, basking in the fulfilment of what makes me happiest!

Today’s song (I believe) translates as Chinese Lion Peony and can be found on an album entitled Karajishi Peony – Again, I believe this is the correct translation from 唐獅子牡丹?  The record was released in 1969 on a Japanese label called King Records and looks to be one of those rarities that, should you be lucky enough to find, you should definitely keep a hold of it!! Though I wouldn’t imagine it wouldn’t be a thrifty purchase as copies seem to have fetched over £100 in the past!

As is often the case, I am working my way though this discovery for the first time as I type (I have pasted the whole album below) and am really appreciating its subtle richness! Those glorious beats are just crying out to be sampled and the melodies are full of groove and flavour, with ample choice in textures to deliver such tuneful variety!! It’s something I’d recommend playing in its entirety, though I appreciate I have singled today’s song to feature on its own, but you will see what I mean if you play the Youtube link below! 

The great mind(s) behind this record are two artists called Akira Miyazawa & Soul Leon. Akira Miyazawa was a Japanese saxophonist, active in music for (what I can gather) nearly two decades. He also played the tenor sax, soprano sax, flute and recorder and issued his debut album, Yamameo, in 1962. Soul Leon on the other hand is something of a mystery and I cannot locate any information about this artist anywhere – and this record seems to be his only release?

Today’s song is a fine example of what this great album has to offer and I hope you not only enjoy this, but that you check out the rest of the tracks from the record – this you can do below? Enjoy!

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