SONG OF THE DAY The Outcasts – Loving You Sometimes

outcastI know this song is filed under psych-rock (and of course it undoubtedly is), but there are golden streaks of soul emanating from this tune too, don’t you think? I love how the vocals are bright and beaming, offset by that simmering fuzz-guitar in the background that keeps this song from being completely clean cut and sparkly. I like how the melody bends and curves too!

Loving You Sometimes b/w Sha-La-La was issued by The Outcasts in 1968 on the West Virginian label, Plato Records. Regretfully, this was to be the only release that the Ashland, Kentucky band ever put out, but what a beauty it is! The Outcasts consisted of Nick Wickware on drums, Dick Hall-Hawkins on bass, Ronnie Gibson on lead guitar, Ralph Morman and Al Collinsworth on vocals – with the song writing credits listed to Collinsworth and Hall. It’s such a shame they never went on to record anything else, but this little gem is certainly an unforgettable moment of psych-history! One I will forever be happy to revisit!!..and it looks like I’m not the only one because this track is apparently really popular amongst hip hop artists!! DJ Shadow for one!

I’ve just had a quick look to see how easy it would be to grab an original of this single and was rather gutted to see how much its currently fetching! I’ve found two copies, both of which are on the market with an asking price of £800+!! Yes, I did mean to put those two zero’s there too!! Eight hundred pounds!!!..and that’s the cheaper of the two!! The good news, however, is that this track was reissued in 2007, so you can grab one of these for the slightly better price of nearly £50!!

Check it out above. I’ve also found a little write-up about the band which is an interesting read, you can find that here   Enjoy!

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